Somewhere and Nowhere

Somewhere and Nowhere

Emily with Indiana welcome sign

Lessons of the road:

-Worry doesn’t help.
-Just wait and see.
-Let go of the trip you thought you’d be on.
-Balance self-improvement with self-acceptance.
-Be present.

When Emily and Mary head west from Cape May, New Jersey, Emily imagines the peace she’ll find bicycling across the open spaces of America. With nothing to do all day but ride her bike, life will be simpler… or will it?

Emily battles 14-percent-grade hills, tornado-force winds, and 110 degree heat, waiting for the fun to start. As the women find shelter with everyone from nuns to cowboys, she clings to the best moments. And on the wide open plains, she comes face to face with the noise in her head.

But as she crosses the Mississippi and climbs the Rocky Mountains, she begins to discern patterns: Worries that hound her. Recurring thoughts that impede her happiness. Daydreams that remove her from reality. She discovers a path to transform herself, even as she begins to accept the present moment.

cover of book "Somewhere and Nowhere" showing bicycle on road in mountains

“In this beautifully written memoir, author Emily Buehler shares the hard won joys and sorrows of her bicycling journey across America. She thought it was going to be many things. But the surprising outcome was a deep change in her way of looking at life. She shares her experiences with an honest voice, and how they shifted her understanding of letting go, finding balance, and living with the rhythms of life – both the ups AND the downs. An enjoyable and worthy read for anyone interested in living a more balanced and happy life.”
—Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, Author, Unflappable – Six Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, And Peaceful No Matter What

It’s the adventure of Wild, the contemplation of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the neuroses of Eat, Pray, Love, all on a shoestring budget… and bicycles.

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