Bread Science 15th Anniversary Edition, $6.99

cover of Bread Science showing loaves of bread, on a tablet and a smart phone

Bread Science is the complete how-to guide to bread making. It covers the entire process in detail. With over 250 photos and illustrations, it makes bread making approachable and fun.

Learn how to…

  • use preferments to increase the flavor of your bread,
  • create and maintain your own sourdough starter,
  • mix a well-balanced dough and knead it to perfection,
  • give your dough additional strength with a folding technique,
  • shape smooth, symmetric boules, batards, and baguettes,
  • modify your oven to make it better for baking bread, and more.

In addition to the craft, Bread Science explains the science behind bread making, from fermentation reactions to yeast behavior, gluten structure, gas retention, and more. If you like to understand why things happen, Bread Science is for you.

Somewhere and Nowhere, $3.99

cover of Somewhere and Nowhere showing bicyclist on road through forested mountains, on a tablet and a smart phone

It’s the adventure of Wild, the contemplation of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the neuroses of Eat, Pray, Love, all on a shoestring budget… and bicycles.

Lessons of the road:

  • Worry doesn’t help.
  • Just wait and see.
  • Let go of the trip you thought you’d be on.
  • Balance self-improvement with self-acceptance.
  • Be present.

When Emily and Mary head west from Cape May, New Jersey, Emily imagines the peace she’ll find bicycling across the open spaces of America. With nothing to do all day but ride her bike, life will be simpler… or will it?