15th Anniversary Edition

15th Anniversary Edition

I can hardly believe it’s been 15 years since I published Bread Science! Self-publishing has come a long way in that time, and I’ve learned a lot.

cover of 15th anniversary edition of the book Bread Science, with an aerial view of loaves of bread and chemical equations written on the surface behind them

I considered how best to celebrate, given my lack of time to research new material for a “second edition.” The idea of a new edition has never felt right to me, since it excludes people with the first edition (or requires them to buy a new book). If I ever have time to spend months researching new bread topics, I would rather create a sequel (I’m thinking, More Bread Science) than create a second edition.

So for here is what I did for the 15th anniversary edition:

  • New cover!
  • Copyediting according to the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Tweaks to the text where I thought I could make something clearer
  • Footnotes referring to more detailed updates (all available here)
  • Ebook formatting updates (including alt text!)
  • A “print-on-demand” version to make the book available in non-US countries with cheaper shipping

The 15th anniversary edition arrived on September 1, 2021.